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Understanding Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

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Those battling drug and alcohol addiction often find that they have a hard time overcoming their struggles alone, and there's nothing wrong with that. Every person on the planet deserves to have the help and support needed to make improvements and get life back on track. Christian Addiction Treatment Centers help them do just that.

Medical Detox

For those struggling with severe addictions, getting the help they need can be literally a matter of life and death. At a christian detox and rehab, they can find the professional help required to go through withdrawal safely in a warm and nurturing environment. These 3-10 day medical detox programs constitute one essential step toward getting clean and sober and staying that way.

Inpatient Programs

Many recovering addicts find that they prefer to seek treatment in a safe and welcoming environment, which is why they choose to enroll in inpatient programs at christian alcohol treatment centers. Whether they choose an accelerated 90-day program or an extended rehab program, they can expect to go through several phases as they work toward independence. First, they'll focus on daily care and recovery with the help of counselors, personal trainers, and healthcare professionals; next, they'll engage in group activities and family counseling; finally, during the last phase of treatment, they'll learn about personal responsibility and receive financial management training.

Outpatient Treatment

Not all patients at arizona alcohol rehab centers choose to enroll in inpatient programs. Some addicts find that they have better success attending rehab programs from home through partial hospitalization programs or intensive outpatient programs. Those who live with supportive family members or friends may find that this type of care is sufficient to get them back on their feet, although it's important that anyone struggling with serious withdrawal symptoms receive dedicated medical care for at least a few days as they begin to get clean and sober.

Aftercare Programs

It takes most people more than a few months to successfully overcome their addictions; in fact, many addicts struggle with staying clean for years after they decide to stop using. That where dedicated aftercare programs come in: they offer the accountability and support that recovering addicts need to stay on track. These programs may include counseling, group activities, and trips, or sober living arrangements.

Women's Programs

Women who are struggling with addiction often face a different set of problems than men and tend to find more success working in a gender-exclusive program. That's why some rehab centers offer treatment that is specifically tailored to women and designed to respect their privacy as well as their family ties.

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